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Now Available! Both SPY MY FRIENDS and USELESS MUTANTS are online here.


The world got just a little bit gayer when Tom Hartley released their latest project, Gayze - the iPhone app that outs gay people and helps you find your way to the nearest gluten free bakery and glory hole. Check out the app video and the outrageous deleted scene on two of the frames above.

Read about Gayze in The Huffington Post or check out Gayze on IMDB.

Spy My Friends
Now you can spy on anyone with a phone number. Check out Spy My Friends, the invasive app that just might help you catch your boyfriend on #Grindr. Check out Spy My Friends on IMDB.

Useless Mutants
Time is running out for this offbeat group of wannabe X-men. It’s just a typical day for four mutants you’ll never see on the big screen. Check out Useless Mutants on IMDB.

Useless Mutants (2016) on IMDb